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Documentation for The Problem, Versions 29 and 30


The following PDF file describes The Problem, versions 29 and 30.

Problem description for TPV29 and TPV30 - Rough Fault with Viscoplasticity.

The following data files define the geometry of the rough fault. The short version contains just the fault surface, which measures 40 km by 20 km. The extended version contains an enlarged surface, measuring 50 km by 30 km, which is centered on the fault surface. You can use either of these two files.

Fault geometry input data file for TPV29 and TPV30, short version (24M zip file).

Fault geometry input data file for TPV29 and TPV30, extended version (46M zip file).


These benchmarks explore a vertical strike-slip fault with stochastic roughness, in a linear elastic or viscoplastic medium, as shown in the following table.

Benchmark Dimension Rupture Type Material Properties
TPV29 3D Right-lateral, vertical strike-slip. Linear elastic.
TPV30 3D Right-lateral, vertical strike-slip. Drucker-Prager viscoplastic.


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