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SI2 Meeting Notes: Feb 17-18, 2015 Arlington VA

NumFocus - Foundation Approach to Sustainable Scientific Software

European Software Sustainability Institute

CyberGIS - University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

  • Discussed building a GIS interface to CyberShake data, but we need to build a rest-based interface to the CyberShake DB first:
  • CyberGIS

Group discussions recommended all projects make your code citable.

The plenary was from the software

Stan Ahalt mentioned his presentation on forming a Water Resources Institute

Group mentioned a site called

UK version of SI2:

Discussion about the ASF, which is the Accelerating Studies foundation:

Discussed projects for tracking software or tracking scientific data especially with RDF called myexperiment

Learned about the mechanical turk on amazon, apparently site for software help:

Discussed Models of sustainability including HDF5 group and ICERM

Suggested book of Software Sustainability:

  • Blue Ocean Strategies

Discussion of Diffusion of Innovations:

Speaker used these sites to track his/her impact:

NSF person suggested community needed to:

  1. Define a reference architecture for scientific computing, and
  2. Identify the key components, and
  3. Converge (or reduce the options) on solutions for each component

Architecture might include MPI Libs, IO Libs, schedulers, and workflow tools.

SI PI Meeting Posters

SI2 PI Meeting 2013

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