CyberShake 2.0

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CyberShake 2.0 is an incremental development phase for our CyberShake calculation.

New in CyberShake 2.0

CyberShake 2.0 is based on UCERF2.0. It uses multiple CVM's, a new extended ERF generator, with state-wide capabilities, at 1Hz.

  • 1.0 Hz AWP-ODC
  • SRF
  • CVM
  • CVM Evaluation Capabilities
  • Data Product Distribution
  • Automated Testing Framework

Reference Problems

AWP Version

In this tarball, there is a fortran code "rgt2syn.f90", which can compute synthetic seismograms from the Receiver Strain Green Tensors. The code now reads an input file that contains the strike, dip and rake information of the source. It can be modified to read Grave's source file format.

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