CyberShake Study 2.2

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CyberShake Study 2.2 is a proposed study to calculate hazard curves under CyberShake 1.1 using CVM-S and the Graves and Pitarka (2010) rupture variations. We are reusing previously computed SGTs, so only the post-processing needs to be calculated. The goal is to calculate the same site list as for CyberShake 1.0 so we can produce comparison curves and maps.

CyberShake 2.2 Hazard Model Results

Data products are available here.

The SQLite database for this study is available at /home/scec-04/tera3d/CyberShake/sqlite_studies/study_2_2/study_2_2.sqlite . It can be accessed using a SQLite client.

Curves calculated with CyberShake Study 2.2 use Hazard Dataset ID 12.

Current Simulation Status

47 sites were completed before beginning the October 2012 production runs. We began Study 2.2 on October 8, 2012. Runs were paused on October 16 when we used all available SUs on Kraken. Runs were resumed on November 8 and this production simulation was completed on 6 March 2013.

Updated: 3/6/13
Sites complete: 217
Sites remaining: 0


We have identified 268 sites to calculate, of which 45 are sites of interest, 25 are additional basin sites, 190 are 10 km gridded sites, and 8 are precarious rock sites. A spreadsheet with a list of these stations and their locations is available here.

Fig 1: Sites selected for Study 2.2. Purple are gridded sites, red are precarious rocks, orange are SCSN stations, and yellow are sites of interest.

Computational estimates

We are planning to use Kraken to perform this study. We estimate the following resource requirements:

1.2M SUs

2.5 TB SCEC storage

3300 zip files, containing 232M seismogram and PSA files

Additional Information

The science review slides are available here.

The computational science review slides are available here.

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