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Edit SCECpedia - Summary

SCECpedia wiki editing basics are:

  1. Members of the SCEC research community can register with SCEC and establish a SCEC username and password. SCECpedia uses the same SCEC accounts used to submit SCEC proposals and SCEC annual report.
  2. Use your favorites web browser to go to the SCECpedia main page.
  3. Click the login link and use your SCEC account information to log into the site.
  4. The SCECpedia pages will update in your browser and you will see an Edit Tab.
  5. Click the edit tab and the page will change to a ASCII text screen that you edit.
  6. Format your web page using the simple wiki formatting described in this Wiki Formatting CheatSheet.
  7. When you want to save your edits, Click the Save page button at the bottom of your browser window.

Edit SCECpedia - Detailed

SCECpedia site is based on the style of Wikipedia. Users can read wiki content and can easily learn to add and edit information on a wiki.

Several resources are available to help new SCECpedia users get started. Get wiki help links are listed below. SCECpedia is based on the widely used MediaWiki software so there are many web-based resources to help users learn to edit this type of wiki. If you are an experienced wiki users, please add links to resources you have found useful.

For Wiki Users and Contributors:

For Wiki Administrators:

Posting Files

List of files in the wiki

There are a number of special pages to help you view and manage files which have been uploaded. Go to “Special pages” (in the tools on the left) and then see...

See Help:Special pages for details of the other information available here.