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Project Description

The Collaboratory for Interseismic Simulation and Modeling (CISM) aims to assemble interdisciplinary teams to create system-specific models for time-dependent earthquake forecasting that are comprehensive, physics-based, data-calibrated, and prospectively testable. One of the key task for CISM is the development of a software package that integrates the various components allowing the computation of such earthquake forecasts. CISM is a 3-year project funded by the W.M. Keck Foundation. It involves a large number of participants from the scientific community and from the SCEC software engineering group.

Keck Foundation Website:

RSQSim Catalog Visualizations


September 13, 2015 Keck CISM Kick-off meeting at the 2015 SCEC Annual Meeting

March 9, 2016 RSQSim Working Group Planning Meeting

Keck CISM 2017 Special Projects Meeting

Action items

  • Review Keck CISM system hardware estimates
  • Define initial end to end processing target
  • Implement Keck Cism distributed job submission
  • Implement Keck Cism that supports both retrospective testing and prospective testing
  • Define Keck Cism forecast results in format ready for CSEP evaluation


PLEASE NOTE: Slides are the author's property. They may contain unpublished or preliminary information and should only be used while viewing the talk.

  • Dieterich's Simulated Annealing Algorithm, 5/11/16 DieterichSimAnnealCISM2016.pdf

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