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NCSA Blue Waters provides PAID projects with support to improve performance of scientific codes on current and future supercomputers. Yifeng Cui and Tom Jordan have received a PAID award to support software performance improvements.

SCEC PAID Proposal

Project Progress

The SCEC PAID project funded by NCSA through Blue Waters project supports a GPU tuning effort, and will end in summer 2016. Recently, plasticity and Q(f) have been merged to the baseline GPU code. NVIDIA Peng Wang and UIUC team help tune the code now, as shown in the Jan 2016 two slides, getting very good results. We plan soon to merge multi-streaming feature also into the new code, together we expected 30% or better performance gain overall in terms of wall clock time, will benefit High-F runs directly, with potential to be integrated to the current SGT code to benefit CyberShake as well.

Monthly Progress Reporting

NCSA holds monthly PAID progress telecoms. Each PAID project reports their progress to the group.

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