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Thomas Jordan Plenary Talk

As part of the SC15 program, Tom Jordan was invited to give one of the plenary talks.

Title: Societal Impact of Earthquake Simulations at Extreme Scale

Abstract: The highly nonlinear, multiscale dynamics of large earthquakes is a wicked physics problem that challenges HPC systems at extreme computational scales. This presentation will summarize how earthquake simulations at increasing levels of scale and sophistication have contributed to our understanding of seismic phenomena, focusing on the practical use of simulations to reduce seismic risk and enhance community resilience. Milestones include the terascale simulations of large San Andreas earthquakes that culminated in the landmark 2008 ShakeOut planning exercise and the recent petascale simulations that have created the first physics-based seismic hazard models. From the latter it is shown that accurate simulations can potentially reduce the total hazard uncertainty by about one-third relative to empirical models, which would lower the exceedance probabilities at high hazard levels by orders of magnitude. Realizing this gain in forecasting probability will require enhanced computational capabilities, but it could have a broad impact on risk-reduction strategies, especially for critical facilities such as large dams, nuclear power plants, and energy transportation networks.

Supercomputing 15 Activities

  • Scott at USC HPC
  • Tom talk on Thursday
  • Meeting with Blue Waters Rep - Need to set place
  • Meeting with SI2 Rep - Need to set place
  • HPDF5
  • Intel
  • XSEDE Request but no response
  • NCSA
  • BW
  • SDSC
  • TACC
  • ALCF
  • OLCF
  • U of Memphis
  • Clemson
  • CIT
  • Stanford
  • LLNL
  • ISI Staff
  • Globus Group
  • ALCF and Univ of Chicago
  • MPI with The Ohio State
  • Pegasus with Univ of Wisc, Madison

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