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26 August 2014

5 Aug 2014

Project Development Principles: Use these principles to evaluate project decisions and priorities.

  1. Establish an efficient software development environment. Remove re-occurring barriers.
  2. Establish a software development environment that supports multiple developers.
  3. Understand the project “closure”, that is, all commercial software, custom codes, configuration settings, and data needed to make the project work. No hidden codes, configurations, or data.
  4. All custom code, configuration settings, and data under version control with backups.
  5. System, software, and site problem reporting and tracking system.
  6. Automate deployment process. No manual steps.
  7. Establish end to end process as early as possible.

Previous Developments

PHASE 1 (ASAP, focus of next few weeks)

Brochure Content  (Mark project lead) 
Annual Meeting pages (link to current pages, with new CSS,  search attendees and abstracts still in Filemaker…. Or just only have proceedings volume)
GROUPS: Research page and subpages as on now  (or on
Search for orphaned pages (/phase3,  /puentehills, old SCEC News, etc.)

myDASHBOARD/ myPROFILE/ myLISTS  (Tran project lead)
 	User Profile/Registration/Mailing Lists  
Tran has done a lot of organization of comparing past, current, and needed metadata

myPUBS   Publications    (Marquis project lead)
Scrub current pub database  (in process)
Build new database & system   
Display & Search

News/Highlights (static text for now)

Calendar of Events / Announcements:  Static for now

Social Media Integration (initial)

Intern pages:  Keep intern application in FM
       in drupal (iframe) and the data goes to FM

For completeness, here are my notes about Phase 2 and 3:

PHASE 2 (by leadership retreat)

SCEC Award Notification System  (earlier than LR)

Event Management

Annual Meeting pages:  search attendees and abstracts in new system

People & Partners pages served from database

GROUPS: Research page and subpages: each have a project page that group leaders can update
            List people who are involved???
            Active researcher, collaborator, interested party / observer / ?

Calendar of Events / Announcements (served from database)

News/Highlights (served from database)

Social Media Integration (more integrated)


PHASE 3 (by SCEC annual meeting)

Incorporation of wikis, other sites
Intern Application and Management System
Applications do not require usernames (separate table)
UseIT site incorporation into new SCEC site
Both are drupal, but UseIT uses different modules, and is “more Drupal”