SEISM - 8 Jan 2013

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Project Coordination Plans:

  • NSF SI2 program overview (Maechling)
  • SCEC SI2 proposal overview and relation to SCEC efforts (Jordan)
  • Schedule of Project Coordination Calls (Maechling)
  • Schedule of Project Meetings (Jordan)
  • Project coordination tools (Maechling)
  • Plans for Project status reporting (Jordan)
  • SI2 supplement status (Cui)
  • NSF SI2 meeting preparations (distributions, one pager etc.) (Taborda)
  • Expected list of project personnel with their responsibilities. (Group)

Project Software Plans:

  • Discussion of software “tiers” described in our proposal.
  • Current status of Development, documentation, and distribution plans for SCEC SI2 software releases.
  • Codes mentioned in our proposal include:
    • UCVM
    • Broadband Platform
    • I/O Library
    • AWP-ODC
    • SORD
    • Hercules
  • Discussion of Project software standards and practices.
  • Review and update of proposed SI2 metrics

Call Summary

Here a list of decisions and agreements from today’s call as I understood.

  1. We’ll adopt the SEISM name for our project, and consider High-F a part of the SEISM effort
  2. We will review the SI2 meeting one pager, prepared by Ricardo, and send him feedback by end of today.
  3. We will send Ricardo material and images for SI2 meeting poster by end of day.
  4. We will start bi-weekly telecon’s . We used a doodle to select a “Semester Long” telecom time. We will ask project members to commit to specific dates during which they will lead the call and discuss aspect of the project they are working on as well as coordination items of interest to them.
  5. We’ve started a SEISM web page on the SCEC wiki (not much there yet). Please not this is a wiki, and using your SCEC login, you should be able to edit these pages. All of us should show they can post to this wiki. We’ll use this site as a starting location for public project information. We expect to start a “login-required” wiki also for the project for private information.
  6. Phil will develop a project personnel list and post on one of the wikis
  7. We plan to hold a full day SEISM meeting June 2, 2013. We plan to involve all funded groups in this meeting as well as collaborative groups including the GMSV tag.
  8. For at least year 1 we plan to move the SEISM-IO library to the research tier. We plan to move Hercules to the public tier, but maybe not in Year 1.
  9. We will broaden the science group discussions to include Steve Day and Eric Dunham in future science calls.
  10. We will work towards division of reporting responsibilities for project status reports with PI and co-PI’s developing status reports required by NSF with support from Phil and other members of the group. Next status report due Aug 1, 2013.

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