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Unified California Earthquake Rupture Forecast UCERF3.0 is a scientific hazard estimate for California that was released in 2014 and 2015. UCERF3.0 is under review for use as the scientific basis for long-term seismic hazard estimates in California.

Collaborative scientific development of UCERF3.0 is performed by the Working Group on California Earth Probabilities (WGCEP), lead by USGS, SCEC, and California Earthquake Authority.

UCERF development is part of the 5 year seismic hazard evaluation process. The 5 year update cycle for UCERF's are synchronized with the 5 year building code development and review process. UCERF2.0 was releases in 2007

Fig 1: Unified California Earthquake Rupture Forecast (UCERF) 2.0 development was lead by USGS and SCEC researchers and was delivered in 2007. UCERF3.0 development is underway for delivery in 2012.

UCERF3 Documentation


USGS and SCEC were important contributors to the UCERF2.0 that was released in 2007. UCERF3.0 represents an scientific improvement, and a replacement for, UCERF2.0.

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