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Extreme Science and Engineering Discovery Environment (XSEDE) is an NSF association of High Performance Computing (HPC) resource providers. XSEDE replaces TeraGrid as the NSF open-science HPC collaboration.

SCEC 2017 XSEDE Allocation

The PI (Tom Jordan), and co-PIs (Beroza, Cui, Gilchrist, Goulet, Hauksson, Milner, Maechling, Peng) have been added to the allocation and they should be able to submit jobs to XSEDE systems immediately.

If other users need to be added to the allocation, they will need to be added to each system they need to use. I believe any of the coPI’s can add users, or give users permission to use specific resources, through the XSEDE portal. Or you can send me the researchers name, and the system they plan to use, and I will add them to the allocation.

If you would like to add users to the allocation, they will need an XSEDE account before they can be added to the allocation. Users can obtain a XSEDE account by registering for an account through the XSEDE portal at: https://portal.xsede.org/

While we received a significant reduction in awarded hours, the current award should give us a few months to try things out and develop a plan for obtaining additional computing time. Our options include transferring awarded hours between XSEDE systems, filing a supplemental request, and writing another allocation request sometime in 2017.

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XSEDE Portal