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Presentations from the February 12, 2007, SCEC Workshop


The following PDF files are presentations from the SCEC 3D Rupture Dynamics Code Validation Workshop, held on February 12, 2007, at the University of Southern California.

PLEASE NOTE: Files are the author's property. They may contain unpublished or preliminary information and should only be used as an outline of the talk.


Ruth Harris           Workshop Introduction
Matt Purvance           Discontinuum Modeling of Dynamic Ruptures
Victor Cruz Atienza           A Finite Volume Approach for Modeling Rupture Dynamics
Geoff Ely
          A Support-Operator Method for Rupture Modeling
QuickTime Movie
Eric Dunham
          Slip between Dissimilar Materials:
Instabilities, Ill-Posedness, and Implications for Numerical Modeling
Michael Barall           The New SCEC Code Comparison Web Site
Ruth Harris           The Problem Versions 6 and 7 Comparisons and Discussion
David Okaya           Scientific Workflows for Verification & Validation of Codes


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